Power Your PCs with Windows 7

The Windows 7 Operating System has been released to manufacturing (RTM) in preparation for general availability on October 22, 2009!

The Windows 7 operating system was built to meet your customers' needs. And yours. If your business relies on building and selling world-class PCs, you want to make sure they are powered by Windows 7.

Meeting the Windows 7 Release to Manufacturing milestone puts us on our way to releasing Windows 7 on October 22. Read the complete Windows 7 RTM announcement.

Don't miss out on this opportunity. Here's how you can prepare today:

1.                Learn about Windows 7.
Use Windows 7 readiness resources to learn about Windows 7 benefits, discover how to handle objections, and prepare to answer customer questions. Review the SKU chooser and sales reference card, or try the demo.

2.                Get ready to build PCs with Windows 7.
Learn how to build Windows 7 PCs that are preinstalled with applications, updated drivers, and patches. Online technical seminars focused on customer concerns about Windows 7 security, compatibility, faster boot and shutdown times, managing a small network, and more are available here.

3.                Promote the Windows 7 Upgrade Option.
Microsoft has created marketing materials for you to use at your retail location and online to promote the Windows 7 Upgrade Option. Sales training is also available to give you an overview of Windows 7 SKUs, key benefits, upsell opportunities, and licensing.

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Prepare for Windows 7

1.       Learn It

2.       Build It

3.       Promote It

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